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The extension allows you to make a real impact without altering your browsing habits. It's simple and straightforward, so I say: YES!

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Make a positive impact on the planet easily and at no cost! Download and start using refoorest today. What are you waiting for? Act now!

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This extension is incredibly user-friendly. I highly recommend it, especially because it allows you to plant trees without leaving your home.

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Plant trees for free without changing your search engine

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Works with any browser

As soon as refoorest is installed on your browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera partners will be automatically highlighted in search results.
refoorest works with any search engines. No need to change.

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Plant trees on partners websites

Upon arriving at one of our 50,000+ partner websites, you'll receive a notification informing you that this site is actively involved in tree planting initiatives.
It's as straightforward as that to contribute to our tree planting efforts.

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Planting trees
100% free and certified

Our partner Eden Reforestation is operating and certifying trees plantation.
This recognised NGO is relying on local farmers to plant trees in the most needed regions of the world.

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What do refoorest projects look like?

Here is a video of our last tree planting project in Nepal with our partner Eden Reforestations.

You can follow our different projects in different countries on our social networks.

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Where do we plant trees?

Here is the map of the locations where we plant trees with our partner Eden Reforestations.
We only plant local tree species that differ from one region to the other.
We will never introduce invasive tree species.

See all tree species and plantations
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Why do we need to plant trees?

Climate change has been worsening for several decades on our planet, with CO2 being one of the primary culprits.

One of the most effective solutions for capturing CO2, which contributes to global warming, is through tree planting. Trees play a crucial role in this process as they are uniquely equipped to absorb CO2 from the air for their own survival needs, including building their trunks, branches, leaves, and roots.

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Does your enterprise want to have impact?

Our micro impact platform allcolibri enables every company to reward customers, employees, or partners by offering them trees to plant and do good for the planet

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