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What an amazing extension that helps everyone do their bit for our big blue planet. This is great if you can't donate money or plant trees yourself, and truly isn't that hard to do. 5 stars for sure! I just downloaded it for 10 mins and I've planted 5 TREES so far! Really love this app, the fact you can fight the climate change while surfing the internet is just great!! I hope you can expand refoorest partners so we can plant more trees. Try to invite partners from non-English websites as well! All the best for the app This is such a fun tool that helps plant trees when you do an everyday task.  It's a no-brainer. Great Work that helps to protect environmental hazards. All people should join hands together and let us protect our Mother nature. this is an extension you set and forget. if you do a lot of googling, chances are you're going to plant a lot of trees!! all you do is set it up and then the next time you google anything, if one of the results is a partner with refoorest, they'll have a banner display above the link. when you click it, you plant a tree! i've had it for a while now and somehow already planted 14 without noticing. great easy way to help the planet. What they're doing is great. There's no reason to not add this to your browser, you're just passively creating an income for them to plant trees.